Feminism Means a Lot of Things

Jennifer Szalai at the NYT:

Reading “Burn It Down!,” an anthology of feminist manifestos edited by Breanne Fahs, I couldn’t decide whether the book amounted to a celebration or an elegy. In her learned and impassioned introduction, Fahs starts out by enumerating a litany of feminist accomplishments only to pair most of them with their backlash. Federally supported family leave? Typically unpaid. Women’s studies programs? They exist, but they’re dwindling. Abortion access may have expanded worldwide; in the United States, though, it’s in jeopardy. “We have returned again to a period of cultural reckoning,” Fahs writes, pointing to a “reinvigoration of misogyny and racism” that would have been “eerily familiar” to any number of activists whose manifestos appear in this volume.

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