How White Racists Dream: Metapolitics and Fascist Publishing

Shane Burley in Full Stop:

For John Morgan, an American expat living in Budapest, controlling the form the world takes comes down to shaping how white people dream.

It is hard to imagine that Morgan, a quiet, nebbish man with curly hair and a meek smile, is at the center of an international fascist renaissance, but this is the reality of fringe politics in the social media age. When it comes to building a propaganda infrastructure capable of radicalizing a generation, it is just as likely to come from a bookish copy editor as it is from a charismatic march leader. Morgan was the creative force behind much of Arktos Media and, later, Counter-Currents, publishers known for creating the intellectual foundation for a new fascism.

Morgan’s history in publishing reveals an important but neglected side of the story of US white nationalism: the focus on building a ‘metapolitic’ rather than the direct mobilization that many expect from “white power” authors of the 1980s and 90s. Metapolitics refers to the ways of thinking that are “pre-political,” the emotional center that feeds political motions.

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