Watching Bernie Sanders Win in New Hampshire

Sarah Larson at The New Yorker:

Jill Herbers, a writer who lives in New Hampshire, has been canvassing for Bernie in recent weeks. “It’s a deeply human experience,” she said. “The teacher’s speaking, and so is the nurse—and so is the person in the five-million-dollar lake house, because they don’t want to see the loons damaged. People love Sanders and love what he’s for. Everyone has been brought up in this system that isn’t working anymore.” Being progressive, to her, “is just human. What’s radical is five hundred thousand people sleeping on the streets. Amazon not paying any taxes.” Sanders’s campaign was a serious one, she said, but also fun, and about love. “Cornel West says, ‘Justice is what love looks like in public.’ ” She smiled.

A minute later, Cornel West jogged in, slapping people’s hands, to cheering. The campaign co-chair Nina Turner’s entrance got cheers, too. “Green New Deal!” people chanted. “No more war!” When I returned to my seat in the press bleachers, three startlingly preppy white guys in the next section took a selfie with the Bernie scene as a backdrop, then left. What was that about? I wondered aloud. “Trump supporters,” a neighbor said, looking playful, or grim.

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