Want to stop climate change? Embrace the nuclear option

Bret Kugelmass in USA Today:

As a technology entrepreneur, when I am approached by startup founders for fundraising advice, I ask: “What would the world look like if you got everything you’re asking for?” It’s a test to see whether they are setting out to solve the right problem or whether they are choosing their preferred course of action and justifying retrospectively.

Climate change researchers fail this test. Every single time.

A giant disconnect exists between the science branch and policy branch of the climate change community, obscured by a strong tribal bond that unites us against “deniers.” But if climate advocates get what we say we want, our own hypocrisy would soon be made painfully apparent.

The accepted policy rhetoric is that if we get to net-zero global emissions, we would “solve” climate change — when, in fact, this belies scientific reality.

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