Centrists Are Sleepwalking Into The Fire

John Gray at The New Statesman:

There is intense debate as to what the outcome tells us about voter support for Brexit, with both Leavers and Remainers claiming vindication. The most striking feature of the results, however, is the polarisation they reveal. The result of a botched Brexit has been the Europeanisation of British politics, with the old centre ground falling away.

The big winner is the nationalist right. The future of Emmanuel Macron, whose centrist alliance came second to Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, is more clouded than before. Positioning himself as the last best hope of the European project rebounded against Macron, while Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orbán both made major gains. “Liberal Europe” has been shown to be a nostalgic dream. The reality is that European politics has been balkanised, with the far right continuing its advance.

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