David Lynch’s memoir-slash-biography

Tyler Malone at the LA Times:

The book gives us a glimpse not only into Lynch, the man and the artist, but also into Lynch’s America — the place the man came from, the space the artist depicts. “In Lynch’s realm,” McKenna writes, “America is like a river that flows ever forward, carrying odds and ends from one decade into the next, where they intermingle and blur dividing lines we’ve invented to mark time.” Lynch’s America is dream-like, uncanny, full of mystery, full of madness, ever-askew.

Lynch was born Jan. 20, 1946, in Missoula, Mont., but he’s lived all over the country, getting a taste for its small towns, its cookie-cutter suburbs, its bustling metropolises. He attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and graduated from Los Angeles’ American Film Institute in its storied early years.

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