on Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, 2015

Harry Cooper at Artforum:

WHEREVER YOU LOOK—the press release, the brochure, the fact sheet, the cornerstone—Ellsworth Kelly’s new building at the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin insists on one thing, namely that it is one thing: a single work of art with a single name (Austin) and a single author (Kelly) conceived at a single time (1986) and finished at a single time (2015). Yes, it may have taken a team of architects and engineers, a small army of donors, and a handful of key players to bring it to life, or to bring it back from the dead and see it through to its public opening earlier this year. (The project was originally designed for a vineyard in Santa Barbara, California.) Yes, it may contain a multitude: three stained-glass windows with thirty-three discrete colored elements in total; fourteen marble panels of two units each, one black and one white; and one wooden sculpture.

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