What If Stuff Happened That Enabled Trump To Declare A Permanent State of Emergency In America, And Rule As Our Dictator?

by Evert Cilliers aka Adam Ash

Trump-louis-xiv3When President Trump took the office of President in the year 2017, few Americans could have predicted the huge changes to come under the rulers that would follow him — changes inspired by his unprecedented example.

And few could have predicted that this man, who started with an approval rating lower than any president before him, down in the toilet, would end up with an approval rating so high up to heaven's ceiling, it even satisfied him, a man who loved to be adored. His ego feasted on his people's approval like bees feast on nectar, like kids feast on Big Macs with fries on the side, like flies feast on feces.

In fact, nothing much might have happened in the Trump years were it not for three events that came to pass late during his tenure, events that came to be known as the Unholy Trifecta.

The first event was the drowning of Miami in a hurricane much worse than any preceding one, which hit that city with spectacular results, undoubtedly occasioned by accelerated climate change.

President Trump called in the Army to install order when roaming bands of brigands began to rob and kill to survive in the chaos (or so the official line from the White House averred) which set the template for other take-overs by the Army of other cities in various states of trouble, mostly financial, brought about by Republican Governors who had slashed taxes to such a degree that there was no money left for schools, which led to massive protests, which led to the President sending in the Army to install order, and which normalized the military occupation of more and more cities.

The second event was the terrorist bombing at UC Berkeley, when five bombs exploded at various strategic places all over the campus one morning, and killed a total of four thousand and thirteen students and faculty, leaving over ten thousand more students variously maimed with a great loss of limbs and brain injuries which left many of its brightest students somewhat retarded in their mental faculties.

Three families of homegrown Muslims were charged with this crime (although it later transpired that the bombs were planted by far-right militia supporters from the Bundy crowd). The President immediately moved to have the Army descend on all mosques on the first day of Ramadan and arrest all the Muslims in America and put them on trains running from all over America — for them to be settled in a vast camp in the desert of Nevada. Here they were housed in tents, with food brought in from Wisconsin and other farm states, and here they themselves arranged for schooling for their children and various companies sprang up, their entrepreneurial spirit not having been quite extinguished, and here they established a working society, with Shariah Law being imposed by President Trump, which turned out to be an easy way to keep them in line. Muslims who got out of line were sentenced to death by stoning, and soon peace reigned supreme among them.

The third event happened during what came to be called The Last March on Washington. It came the day after Trump was inaugurated for his second term. During the march, there was the unfortunate shooting of two police officers by a sniper hiding in the crowd in an unknown location.

The very hour that these policemen's brains spattered all over their nearby colleagues, the President angrily tweeted that if one more policeman was shot at during this protest march, the police had his presidential permission and immediate pardon to fire back at the protesters. That was in fact what happened. An officer went down from a bullet, his head exploding in a massive arc of blood and brain matter, befouling his fellow officers, and these officers, besmirched with the blood and brain matter of their downed colleague, and reeking from the smell of fresh blood and bits of brain matter, whitish and grayish, like bits of gutted fish fresh from a nearby river … these officers, steeped in the blood and bits of brain matter from their colleague, immediately fired back at the crowd. Many died, all seen on TV, a sickening sight.

32 trump hitler 1President Trump immediately declared a State of Emergency, and rushed through a number of presidential decrees which placed the entire country under martial law, with the military in control of all state houses and municipalities. All protests were outlawed. If anyone dare to protest, the police and the Army had the president's permission to shoot them on sight. When this happened, protests ceased to occur.

It took only a month of such strict law and order for all crime to cease. Nobody was going to steal even a bit of candy from the corner store, knowing that they might very well be shot stone-dead the very next day.

So grateful was everybody for this absence of all crime, that nobody seemed to mind that there appeared to be no return to civil governance forthcoming, and America settled into a quiet acceptance of being ruled by the only institution they still had any faith in, the military. Forty-nine five-star generals ran forty-nine states, and they put in officers as city mayors, who ran every city like an army barracks.

Definitely and decidedly, Americans felt that America had been made great again, as President Trump had promised in his original campaign. The hit parade was filled with songs extolling the virtues of military government. It did not take too long for Trump's evangelical supporters to clamor for their piece of the action, and Trump soon raised selected evangelical pastors to reign alongside the military. So it was that every state and every city was run by a combination of military officers and evangelical pastors.

 cover TrumplandiaAfter President Trump's death, there was a contest for power between a billionaire friend of Trump, an Army General and an evangelical pastor, and the evangelical pastor won. He brought in a law that made abortion a capital crime.

Here is where our story starts, which will concern the fate of a single and rather singular woman, one Eve Trent, the first woman arrested for the newly promulgated crime of aborting the life of her womb child (or fetus as some scientific literature still referred to the little womb girl).

We will begin at the public immolation of the Supreme Terrorist, who had committed an act of Supreme Terrorism with a nuclear device, such as the world had always feared and never seen.

It was at this event that Eve Trent met the man with whom she would become involved, one Adam White.

Theirs was a love that was utterly singular and different from all other loves, being that it was completely at odds with the ethos of Trumplandia.

So, as we tell the political story of Trumplandia, we will also tell a romantic love story unlike any other, because it was a story that ran head-on up against everything that Trumplandia was becoming and would come to stand for.

The very name of her famous case tells the gist of our story in four words: Trumplandia v Eve Trent.

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