Trump Towers

by Maniza Naqvi

ScreenHunter_2284 Oct. 10 16.05It has been all about the towers hasn't it? It has been all about the towers these past 16 years? All about the towers, that the world has been made into a mess? The towers which now have been replaced by the Freedom Tower in the mecca of towers. And now towers overshadow Mecca. All about the Towers in New York–that across this country in the name of the towers in New York that the case for war and curtailing of freedoms has been made every single day for 16 years. Relentlessly. Now Trump towers over all of us as the dangerous demagogue that he is. All about the towers, and the Trump Towers. Trump Towers synonymous with the one image seared on the collective consciousness. New York City, the most diverse and tolerant of places on earth, reduced to this. The transmission of the Towers as the rationale for endless war. Transmission of definitions of good and evil. Invoke, evoke the towers and all things are made sacred and unquestionable. The towers are the sacred creed and covenant. The builder of Towers, the towering tower builder in New York, is the symbol of the rise of fascism in the United States. This branding of towers. This subliminal appeal. Even Ayn Rand would not have shrugged at this Trumping of her conceit.

It has been all about the Towers hasn't it, that Mrs. Clinton should make the case about why Americans who are Muslim should not be humiliated or insulted—because they are needed to help fight terrorism. They make good Gold Star families.

It has all been about the towers hasn't it that pornographic words and sex trump the pornography of bombs, war and genocide and make us so outraged and indignant? That the feminism of today should be this? Why isn't the declaration of war, the arming of this and that militia, every which way, drone attacks, and sales of weapons locker room talk? Why is all this acceptable, as if it were just locker room talk.

It has all been about the towering terrorism case hasn't it? The towering overpowering love of all things military in this country. President Obama, who was elected on an anti-war vote in 2008 told America that it is the military that protects Americans civil rights. The towering diminishing of civilians. On the basis of the towers. The towering overplaying of shoe bombs, pipe bombs and knives. And those demented men attached to these who are always somehow in the orbit of the FBI and the War Security Agencies and who make the case for the war machinery which produces the bombs and weapons that can wipe out whole cities and that are actually wreaking destruction in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The American people are waking up. And in that blue haze just before the dreaming stops—Trump towers.