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  1. Beauty Demands: Variations on a beauty theme: The uses of ‘normal’
  2. Big Questions Online: Is Atheism Irrational?
  3. Experimental Philosophy: Can we have free will and lack it too?
  4. Feminist Philosophers: On How We Talk About Passing
  5. Flickers of Freedom: Punishing with a Compatibilist Heart
  6. Forbes: Why It's Unethical To Go Back In Time And Kill Baby Hitler
  7. Imperfect Cognitions: Intellectual Humility: Interview with Duncan Pritchard
  8. Jacob Archambault: On the future of research in the history of philosophy
  9. Justice Everywhere: (One of) Effective Altruism’s blind spot(s)
  10. Normlessness and Nihilism: How Metaethics Might Matter
  11. NPR Cosmos and Culture: Should We Care About The Preservation Of Our Species?
  12. NYT Opinionator: Can Moral Disputes Be Resolved?
  13. Orienteringsforsok: Slow corruption
  14. Oxford University Press Blog: Does the meat industry harm animals?
  15. Pacificklaus: Sardines, Death and Fear
  16. PBS Newshour, Making Sense: The case for employee-owned companies
  17. Philosophical Percolations: Getting out of the philosophers’ rut
  18. Practical Ethics: Should we intervene in nature to help animals?
  19. Proof I Never Want To Be President (Of Anything): Rights Are Often Wrong
  20. Quaeritur: Understanding Climate Change Denial through the Lens of Nietzsche
  21. Samuel C. Rickless: A History of Western Philosophy in 108 Limericks
  22. Scientia Salon: Brontosaurus and the nature of philosophy
  23. Scientia Salon: Yes, terminal patients still have moral obligations
  24. Slate Star Codex: Contra Caplan on Mental Illness
  25. Sprachlogik: An Account of Necessity as an Attribute of Propositions
  26. Step back, step forward: Hypocrisy in general, utilitarianism in particular
  27. The Electric Agora: That's Not Funny
  28. The Forum: Are Delusions Bad for You?
  29. The Mod Squad: Understanding Sentences: Port-Royal, Locke, and Berkeley
  30. The Philosopher's Beard: Children are special, but not particularly important
  31. The Philosophers' Cocoon: Pink: The sweet spot of extended cognition
  32. The Power of Language: Philosophy and Society: Some Arguments against Ethnocentrism
  33. The World Knot: On Philosophy, Philosophobia and Mysticism
  34. Thinking Of Things: A False Sense of Insecurity
  35. University of Birmingham: “Them and Us” no longer: mental health concerns us all
  36. Vihvelin: Counterfactuals: The Short Course
  37. What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher? Interview with Michael Ruse

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