The Refugee Crisis: A collection of statements, poems, images and personal reflections from across Europe and beyond

From Granta:

Jenni Fagan

The health of a society can be judged by how well it cares for its most vulnerable citizens. The current refuges are children, women and men who desperately need the rest of the world to understand that this can happen to anyone – and it won’t go away.

The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe is an opportunity to reach out, engage politically, act humanely and do the only decent thing anyone can do – imagine how it would feel if you were unsafe and your children’s lives and family’s future depended upon the understanding of strangers?

All populations are historically transient. Humans are a migrant race full stop. These people could easily be us, it’s time to get our priorities straight and offer our collective resolve to continue to challenge brutality and its effects on ordinary citizens in countries all across the world.

Tim Finch

They gave themselves away with the words on their T-shirts.

Invaders. Mystery space riders.

Tim Finch on Refugee Crisis 1

Army life. XVI Soldier 4. Spec. Mil.

Tim Finch on Refugee Crisis 2

Yes, they were an army of invading aliens

So we built a fortress to repel them.

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