Keith Richards Explains Why Sgt. Pepper Was Rubbish

From Esquire:

ScreenHunter_1299 Aug. 09 15.59If you smoke, 
I can smoke, right?

Be my guest. If you're gonna smoke anything else, we'll bring in 
the incense.

I brought a miniature joint, but I'm not thrusting it upon 
you. I just thought it would be wrong to meet you and not bring a little something.

Well, then, let's get into this thing and see. We might want to take a break.

I don't want to put you in any kind of position.

Absolutely not. I've been in every position possible, and I've always gotten out of it.

How are you holding up on the [Stones] tour?

I can handle the show. In the '60s, it was 20 minutes, in and out. Now it's two hours. I don't come off as exhausted 
as I used to ten years ago, 
because I've learned more about how to pace a show. I don't think about the physical aspects—I just expect it all to work. I'm blessed physically 
with stamina. The frame's still holding. I eat the same as I 
always have. Meat and potatoes, basically, with a nice bit of fish now and again. My wife tries to force more salad down me, but I'd rather take the pill.

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