Turkish Embassy, Karachi

16 August, 1957

Mrs. Mariam Jan, “Katrina”

Pindi Point, Murree, West Pakistan

Dear Madam, I have received your letter.

Thank you very much for good wishes

expressed therein. I have pleasure

enclosing herewith a photograph

of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,

as requested. Yours faithfully

for Ambassador of Turkey

Ercument Yavuzalp, First Secretary.

Folk Women

His Excellency the Ambassador

Turkish Embassy, Karachi

17 April, 1958

Your Excellency, I am really sorry for the delay

acknowledging your letter of

16 August, 1957

enclosed therewith photograph

of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who yanked

the women of Turkey

to the 20th century. In fact

I wished to give you

the gift I promised in my last letter

personally on behalf

of myself and women folk of Kashmir

during my anticipated

trip to Karachi. Sadly, I could not

travel so far. Hence, I am

sending the gift herewith, representing

the handiwork of Kashmir’s

women artisans. I hope you would kindly

accept it and convey best

wishes from the brave daughters of Kashmir

to the brave daughters of Turkey.

I also hope Turkey undoubtedly supports

our right to determine our

destiny ourselves. We have been fighting

since long for our freedom. We

thank you and your country for the goodwill

you have shown. Yours faithfully, Mrs.

Maryam Jan. “Katrina,” Pindi Point, Murree.

Country Men

Turkish Embassy, Karachi 17 May, 1958

Mrs. Maryam Jan, “Katrina,” Pindi Point,

Murree, West Pakistan. Dear Madam,

I am in receipt of your letter dated

17 April and of the lovely gift

you have been so kind to send me on behalf

of yourself and the women artists

of Kashmir. The workmanship of the jewel case is

indeed a fine example of skill.

My warmest appreciation for your kind

thought sending this token of regard

the women of Kashmir have for my country

men. Please accept my sincere wishes

for prosperity of the people of Kashmir,

which, I assure you, is wholeheartedly

shared by the people of Turkey. Faithfully,

General Muzaffer Goksenin, The Ambassador.

By Rafiq Kathwari, whose book of poems, In Another Country, is forthcoming in September from Doire Press.