Emily Mitchell Interviewed by Megan Labrise

From Kirkus Reviews:

10515070_10152336677733763_7425133912280650588_oEmily Mitchell is the author of Viral. But who is Emily Mitchell, really?

“Emily Mitchell has worked as a waitress, a receptionist at a bakery/tanning salon, a short-order cook, a snowmobile driver, a crime-scene cleanup technician, an exotic animal trainer, a war correspondent, a phone dispatcher, a secretary, an environmental campaigner, a freelance journalist, a bean counter and a holistic pediatric oncologist,” Mitchell writes in “Biographies.”

“Biographies” isn’t her biography, but one of a dozen delightfully diverse stories in her debut story collection. Viral is no memoir. No bakery/tanning salon likely exists—but couldn’t another word for “tanning salon” be “bakery”? You might catch these kinds of thoughts fromViral.

“If you are willing to accept this first premise then we can go on this amazing ride together—I love work that does that,” says Mitchell, speaking of recently discovering Michael Martone’sBlue Guide to Indiana. It’s perfect praise for Viral.

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