Cold Fusion vindication possible in 2015?

Brian Wang in Next Big Future:

ScreenHunter_972 Feb. 01 21.46Russian Prof Parkhomov claims to have replicated Rossi E-Cat and Parkhomov and published fully open research. Others are racing to replicate and extend the work.

Prof Alexander Parkhomov of Lomonosov Moscow State University has published a paper describing his successful replication of the E-Cat, based on the available information about it. The paper is in Russian; there is a link and commentary and video in English on E-Cat World. Parkhomov's results are more modest, but the energy output of his cloned E-Cat claimed to be up to 2.74 times as great as the input.

E-catworld has seen the work of Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, Brian Ahern, and Jack Cole as examples of efforts now attempting to build on the work of Parkhomov (in different ways) — and he is aware of another serious attempt in the planning stages. He is sure there are more efforts underway, probably behind closed doors, at least for now

If results can be shown to be consistently repeated, and the levels of energy gain are shown to be beyond the realm of chemical reactions, then 2015 could be the year where we finally see LENR (low energy nuclear reactor) breaking out in the world, even if we don’t get anything more revealed from Rossi and Industrial Heat.

More here. [Thanks to Huw Price.]