Reporting Violence: Short film featuring the work of Wolf Böwig and Pedro Rosa Mendes

When hatred whorls across a continent, it envelops people, daily life, it cuts off limbs, flattens villages, burns down buildings, and pushes hard against hope, belief. It is difficult to imagine the degree to which the world can turn upside down, and most of the time those of us not amidst or recovering from such destruction, don’t. We should. Not because it’s pleasant. Not because it’s easy or righteous. But because it’s the truth.

Nominated for the German Human Rights Film Award 2014, this is a disturbing and moving short film featuring the photographs of 3QD friend and renowned war photographer Wolf Böwig, and the writing of Pedro Rosa Mendes. More information here at Black Light Project.

reporting violence from Christoph Ermisch on Vimeo.