The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True In 2014

George Dvorsky in io9:

Technologically-assisted telepathy was successfully demonstrated in humans

For the first time ever, two humans exchanged thoughts via mind-to-mind communication.

The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True In 2014

Remarkably, the system is completely non-invasive. By using internet-linked electroencephalogram (EEG) and robot-assisted image-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) technologies, an international team of researchers were able to get two subjects — one in India and one in France — to mentally transmit the words “hola” and “ciao.” It's an important proof of concept for furthering the development of tech-enabled telepathy.Image: Carles Grau et al/Plos.

And in a similar breakthrough, a different team developed a system that allowed a human subject to control the movements of another person. The University of Washington researchers showcased the technology by having participants collaborate on a computer game where a “sender” sent mental instructions to a “receiver” to control their hand movements.

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