HeadCon ’14


Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Molly Crockett, Jennifer Jacquet, Michael McCullough, Hugo Mercier, L.A. Paul, David Rand, Lawrence Ian Reed, and Simone Schnall over at Edge.org:

In September a group of social scientists gathered for HEADCON '14, an Edge Conference at Eastover Farm. Speakers addressed a range of topics concerning the social (or moral, or emotional) brain: Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: “The Teenager's Sense Of Social Self”; Lawrence Ian Reed: “The Face Of Emotion”; Molly Crockett: “The Neuroscience of Moral Decision Making”; Hugo Mercier: “Toward The Seamless Integration Of The Sciences”; Jennifer Jacquet: “Shaming At Scale”; Simone Schnall: “Moral Intuitions, Replication, and the Scientific Study of Human Nature”; David Rand: “How Do You Change People's Minds About What Is Right And Wrong?”; L.A. Paul: “The Transformative Experience”; Michael McCullough: “Two Cheers For Falsification”. Also participating as “kibitzers” were four speakers from HEADCON '13, the previous year's event: Fiery Cushman, Joshua Knobe, David Pizarro, and Laurie Santos.

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