3QD Politics & Social Science Prize Semifinalists 2014

The voting round of our politics and social science prize (details here) is over. Thanks to the nominators and the voters for participating.

So here they are, the top 20, in descending order from the most voted-for:

  1. SemiPolitics2014Forbes: How Putin Invented The New Authoritarianism
  2. Pandaemonium: In Defense of Diversity
  3. Open Democracy: A Cuban Diary
  4. Abandoned Footnotes: Francisco Franco, Robust Action, and the Power of Non-Commitment
  5. The New Yorker: The Trial of Pervez Musharraf
  6. The Philosopher's Beard: Britain's sudden and bizarre resentment of migration
  7. 3 Quarks Daily: Enduring Sharedom
  8. 3 Quarks Daily: Can America Survive What Our 1% And Their Useful Idiots, The GOP And The Dems, Have Done To Us?
  9. Corey Robin: Jews Without Israel
  10. Social Pulses: Democratic Austerity: Semi sovereign states, semi sovereign peoples
  11. Los Angeles Review of Books: I Am Malala : The Girl Who Stood Up For Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
  12. The Belgravia Dispatch: An Epidemic of Putin Derangement Syndrome
  13. The Philosopher's Stone: How to Do History
  14. Unreported: The Poster Boy For Unending War
  15. Whispers of Satan: Keeping Ukraine Together
  16. Another Amateur Economist: Walmart, Oligopoly and Community Economy
  17. In Search of Enlightenment: Ottawa Talk on “Bridging the Gap”
  18. U.S. Intellectual History Blog: How American Studies Matter
  19. XPostFactoid: What if the (Republican) dog catches the Obamacar(e)?
  20. Family Inequality: State of Utah falsely claims same-sex marriage ban makes married, man-woman parenting more likely

The editors of 3 Quarks Daily will now pick the top six entries from these, and after possibly adding up to three “wildcard” entries, will send that list of finalists to Mark Blyth for final judging. We will post the shortlist of finalists here on this coming Monday.