nietzsche and megalomania

Friedrich-nietzsche-19061-1Peter Sloterdijk at The American Reader:

To learn more about Nietzsche’s theory and praxis of generosity, it is also—or above all—necessary to address his “megalomania,” supposing this an appropriate designation for this author’s extraordinary talent to speak about himself, his mission, and his writings in the highest of tones. Perhaps this issue here is one for which the expression addressed to the publisher about the “good news,” “something for which there is yet no name,” is once again appropriate. The alternative designations used to encompass the first parts of Thus SpokeZarathustra, “Poem” and “Gospel,” should also be kept in reserve as a way of qualifying Nietzsche’s megalomaniacal remarks.

Megalomania, then, or poetry, or something for which there is yet no name: what follows is advisably approached with a provision of alternative expressions, to avoid getting stuck with a designation reflex that is first best. The exposure value of Nietzsche’s most conspicuous statements about himself are so excessive that even the most favorable, the most free-spirited reader, yes even those who are willingly dazed, will look away from these passages as though not wanting to have perceived, to have countersigned, what has been committed to paper and put into print.

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