3 Quarks Daily Welcomes Our New Columnists

Hello Readers and Writers,

We received a triple-digit number of submissions of sample essays in our search for new columnists. Most of them were very good as usual (with the normal number of incomprehensible and some even insane pieces thrown in just to test our sanity, I suppose) and it was hard deciding whom to accept and whom not to. So hard, in fact, that we ended up deciding that we will once again dramatically expand the number of 3QD columns on Mondays, which have withered by attrition in the last couple of years. Hence today we welcome to 3QD the top 32 people (in the combined ratings of the editors). Without further ado, here they are, in alphabetical order by last name:

  1. Fountain-pens-530Hari Balasubramanian
  2. Bill Benzon
  3. Grace Boey
  4. Eric Byrd
  5. Alexander B. Fry
  6. Dwight Furrow
  7. Kathleen Goodwin
  8. Paul Gowder
  9. Charlie Huenemann
  10. Ahmed Humayun
  11. Tasneem Zehra Husain
  12. Yohan John
  13. Tara Kaushal
  14. Madhu Kaza
  15. Mathangi Krishnamurthy
  16. Jon Kujawa
  17. Lisa Lieberman
  18. Michael Anthony Lopresto
  19. Katherine Blake McFarland
  20. Matt McKenna
  21. Debra Morris
  22. George Myerson
  23. Mara Naselli
  24. Fausto Ribeiro
  25. Alexander Richey
  26. Tamuira Reid
  27. Ben Schreckinger
  28. Ryan Seals
  29. Thomas Wells
  30. Emrys Westacott
  31. Monica Westin
  32. Joshua Yarden

I will be in touch with all of you to schedule a start date. The “About Us” page will be updated with short bios and photographs of the new writers no later than the day they start.

The following people also sent in columns which we really liked a lot and I would like to give them an honorable mention here and also let them know that we will keep them in mind for the future:

  1. Michel Chaouli
  2. Shoaib Daniyal
  3. Jason Friedman
  4. Filipe Gracio
  5. Brian Hanson
  6. Robert Hunter
  7. Lancelot Kirby
  8. Andrew Lloyd
  9. Beatrice Marovich
  10. Ben Oren
  11. Ashok Pannikar
  12. Carl Pierer
  13. Basharat Hussain Qizalbash
  14. Adnan Ahmad Qureishi
  15. John Sainsbury
  16. Klaus M. Stiefel
  17. Thomas Vozar
  18. John Washington

    Thanks to all of the people who sent samples of writing to us. It was sometimes tiring, but still a pleasure to read them all. Congratulations to the new columnists!

    Best wishes,