6 Lessons Disney Could Learn From Pakistan’s ‘Burka Avenger’

Lindsey Davis in the Huffington Post:

ScreenHunter_256 Jul. 31 13.28Part karate kid and part superhero, Pakistan's first animated television series is a better role model for girls than any princess Disney's ever drawn.

She's called the Burka Avenger, and she's the defender of girls' education and women's rights.

The brainchild of Pakistani pop star Aaron Haroon Rashid, the cartoon was created as a way to combat the Taliban's intense opposition to educating girls, AP reports.

We think Disney could learn a thing or two about what a female protagonist should look like from the fearless Burka Avenger.

1. She fights villains with Takht Kabaddi — a form of karate that uses books and pens as weapons, because she's all about emphasizing the importance of education.

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