A plea to our dysfunctional Congress

Congress, I do hate to pester Congress
But this fuckfest that you've named Sequester
Just the latest dumb tiff
After the Fiscal Cliff
And this time the wound will long fester

Is it really so much to ask
That you stick to the important task
Concentrate on Job One
Get the People's work done
Not just the people in whose money you bask

Can enough of you vote for each judge?
And nominations you can't seem to budge
It's what you demand
When you're in command
But to this President somehow begrudge

For once I say, “Hurray to Rand Paul”
And no, I'm not busting your balls
Be more than lackluster
For your filibuster
Have the guts to stand till you fall

I know you live in fear of your fate
If you vote against the will of your state
But just grow a pair
And do what's right and what's fair
America can no longer wait!