New Year’s resolutions from some famous people

From Prospect:

ScreenHunter_95 Dec. 28 15.13Nassim Nicholas Taleb Professor and author
Have a bit more randomness in my schedule—the good type of randomness.

David Steel Former Liberal Party leader
For 2013, make fewer speeches but better ones and not just in USA and South Africa. And try not to be so cross about the great coalition.

Chris Patten Chairman, BBC Trust
I’ll read Ulysses on the Tube—not.

David Sedaris Humorist and author
Make more Korean friends.

Jon Ronson Writer
My New Year’s resolution is always the same. It’s a product of the clash between two of my mental disorders—my generalised anxiety disorder and my malingering. Usually sufferers of generalised anxiety disorder don’t also suffer from malingering as it tends to make us feel quite anxious. But I am an anomaly. So my resolution is the resolution I always have: I must work harder.

Ken Livingstone Former mayor of London
I never do New Year’s resolutions—they’re crap.

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