John Greenman in The Newer York:

“The Girl with the Inexplicably Large Readership”

by Dag Dagsson

Dagsson’s thriller tells the story of two people: Salamander Lutefisk, a deeply damaged twenty-three year old computer programmer, and Bjorn Enquist, an investigative journalist. Enquist’s problem, like that of so many Scandinavian reporters, is that too many women want to have sex with him. As the novel begins, Enquist and Lutefisk team up to solve the murder of Enquist’s wealthy employer’s niece’s botanist’s reindeer, I think. Without giving away too much, I can tell you that the more this duo chases the truth, the more it recedes. Also that that whole thing is an elaborate dream sequence. Rivetingly fast paced, this novel is not just for fans of Swedish municipal politics, but also for anyone afraid to admit that they are into S&M.

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