“America owed me nothing, gave me everything”

Sadef Ali Kully in Dawn:

“My parents recognised early on that I had so much motivation and ambition that they didn’t need to give me that,” says Zaidi who grew up as the eldest of four siblings with an engineer father and stay-at-home mom. “I play the trombone, saxophone, guitar, drums, and a bit of the piano. I learned the trombone as part of the school band and the rest was self-taught. I always had done musical stuff but never worked on anything.”

And he was not kidding around about the motivation and ambition part; Zaidi graduated magna cum laudewith a bachelor’s degree in economics, then graduated cum laude from law school, and then graduated top 10 per cent of his class from business school – all from Harvard University.

More here about Zeeshan Zaidi, the lead singer of The Commuters. And here they are: