The nominees for the 3QD Philosophy Prize 2012 are:

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  1. 3 AM Magazine: Awakening Benjamin
  2. 3 AM Magazine: Imagining god creating poppies
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: On Eating Animals
  4. 3 Quarks Daily: The Bhagavad Gita Revisited
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: What Kind of Perspectivist is Nietzsche?
  6. Big Think: The Moral Significance of Sex Workers and People With Disabilities
  7. Bleeding Heart Libertarians: Recharting the Map of Social and Political Theory: Where is Government? Where is Conservatism?
  8. Devil’s Analysis: Insrutable Reality
  9. Early Modern Thought Online: Is ‘nothing’ relative? (IX): How Leibniz should have posed the ‘ultimate why-question’
  10. Engaging Science: Beyond Turf Wars
  11. Evolving Thoughts: Metaphysical Determinism 
  12. Experimental Philosophy: Factive Verbs and Protagonist Projection
  13. FauxPhilNews: Kripke resigns as report alleges that he faked results of thought experiments
  14. Flickers of Freedom: Freaks and Geeks and Ordinal Proportionality
  15. Language Goes on Holiday: And you may say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?”
  16. Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness: Morality of Drone Strikes Response
  17. Meditations Hegeliènnes: Kritik des unreinen Gedankes
  18. Michael D. Stark: Faith and Uncertainty
  19. Opinionator: Are We Ready for a “Morality Pill”?
  20. Opinionator: The Moral Hazard of Drones
  21. Orexis Dianoētikē: Is Kierkegaard’s Present Age Our Own?
  22. Orienteringsforsok: Meaning and Mortality
  23. Philosophical Pontifications: The Chinese Nation and the Scattered Brain
  24. Philosophy, etc.: Singer’s Pond and Quality of Will
  25. Philosophy Sucks!: Cognitive Access: The Only Game in Town
  26. Poetry as Socio-proctology: Joshua Greene & Kant’s sick joke
  27. Problems of Life: If panpsychism is true, then vegans are screwed
  28. Ratio Juris: Toward a Philosophically Sound & Bioethically Sensitive Definition of Public Health Law
  29. Reason to Stand: Crash course on existentialism with Sartre
  30. The Immanent Frame: Love’s Ladder’s God
  31. The Philosopher’s Beard: Democracy is not a truth machine
  32. The Philosophy of Poetry: A Time for Beauty, A Time for Disfigurement
  33. The Philosophy of Poetry: Prophecy and Abstraction in a Passionless Age
  34. Tang Dynasty Times: Ai Weiwei and “Das Ding”
  35. Tomkow: A Few Short Steps to the Gallows
  36. Tom Paine’s Ghost: Atheist Morality: Ratcheting Forward
  37. TTahko: The Philosophical Significance of the Higgs “Discovery”
  38. Waggish: Galen Strawson, Buddhist Philosophy, and Radical Self-Awareness
  39. Words, Ideas, and Things: The Heterosexual Redefinition of Marriage
  40. Yeah, OK, But Still: What “Self” Are We Failing to Discover?