British R Coming. Pls RT!

How the American Revolution would have gone down if Twitter was around, via Foreign Policy:

British R Coming@KingGeorge3 I desire what is good. Therefore, everyone who does not help me reach 10k followers today is a traitor.

@SamAdams Tweet up at the harbor Nov 28. Bring tea. Mohawk costume optional #TeaParty

@PatrickHenry Give me liberty or give me death #BOOM

@LordNorth @SamAdams @PatrickHenry You guys are in big trouble

@PaulRevere British r coming Pls RT

@PaulRevere @RobertNewman Correction: That's ONE if by land, TWO if by sea

@ConcordMinutemen #shotsfired

@ConcordMinutemen No really…shots have been fired

@GeorgeWashington I love the smell of musket powder in the morning. #Ticonderoga

@TomJefferson Working on a major declaration. Dropping July 4. Stay tuned.

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