Says Good-bye

Logo_top_leftWe here at 3QD have been long-time fans of signandsight. Their presence on the web will be missed. Anja Seeliger and Thierry Chervel:

After seven years we are shutting down The site will remain online, but for now no new texts will be posted.

We still believe in the idea behind We are convinced that Europe needs a public sphere, and we think that this public sphere is best achieved by combining the possibilities of the internet and traditional media. As before, we still love our motto “Let's Talk European”. Yes, English is now the lingua franca of contemporary Europe. However, when English is used to bring articles written in another language to an international readership, then it serves as a bridge to these others languages and helps create waves. Interestingly, the most lively reactions to came from the US, where there is an intellectual audience that wishes to escape its domestic borders.

Some of the most wonderful experiences with were when Harper's reprinted an interview with Thomas Bernhard, because it had been first translated into English by, when Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post and Paul Berman of the New Republic discussed texts or debates that had originated from and which had found echoes in Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, and French newspapers. never had a wide popular readership, but it was a catalyst for European public debate.