My plea to the GOP

I'm begging you please let this end Gop
Decide which of these clowns you will send
Just take your pick
From Newt, Ron or Rick
Or Mitt who is able to bend

Into whatever candidate that you might need
For he's not met one belief he can't knead
If one doesn't thrill
Perhaps a different one will
Whatever it takes to succeed

So choose one of these men and please soon
For all of the fun's left the room
I used to enjoy
Whatever the ploy
For they clearly spelled GOP doom

But of recent I just can't get enthused
And I'm quite frankly rather bemused
Can these men really think
That their words are in sync
With the women who's rights they'd abuse?

Yes the election has come down to sex
And all women this truly should vex
Forget abortion these days
There are new trails to blaze
And women's rights muscles to flex

Do we all want our sex lives controlled
By these men who wag their fingers and scold
Who won't condemn Rush
Whose bile makes them gush
And who can't see this issue's fool's gold

They'll all fight for your every last gun
Make sure the healthcare law's undone
Denounce evolution
Increase earth's pollution
There's no real difference in the long run

So, I'm begging you please let this end
Decide which of these clowns you will send
Newt, Ron, Rick or Mitt
I don't care a whit
They all equally rile and offend