The Nominees for the 2011 3QD Prize in Politics and Social Science Are:

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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Indians Abroad: A Story from Trinidad
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: Pakistan: The Narratives Come Home to Roost
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: The Immensity Of Killing Bin Laden vs. The Banality Of Language
  4. 3 Quarks Daily: The Pao of Love
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: There’s Something about the Teeth of Tyrants
  6. Abandoned Footnotes: A Simple Model of Cults of Personality
  7. Accidental Blogger: The mideast uprisings: a lesson for strong men, mad men and counterfactual historians
  8. Andy Worthington: Mocking the Law, Judges Rule that Evidence Is Not Necessary to Hold Insignificant Guantánamo Prisoners for the Rest of Their Lives
  9. Asian Security Blog: I finally played “Homefront”
  10. Barry Pump’s Blog: Union Membership and Welfare Spending
  11. Blinktopia: Ain’t Capitalism Grand?
  12. Brendan Nyhan: Forecasting 2012: How much does ideology matter?
  13. Brian Thill: On the Early Iconography of Certain of the 2012 Presidential Campaign Logos, Considered Alphabetically
  14. Corey Robin: Revolutionaries of the Right: The Deep Roots of Conservative Radicalism
  15. Crikey: Could Australia’s record on arms control harm UN Security Council bid?
  16. Crikey: Theorising Darwin: US may stockpile and transit cluster munitions
  17. Crooked Timber: Sex, hope, and rock and roll
  18. David B. Sparks: Isarithmic History of the Two-Party Vote
  19. Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog: Could this time have been different?
  20. Guernica: The Iron Lady
  21. Heathen Scripture: Joyce, Katter, Devine: Last bastion against the Gaypocalypse
  22. HLD6: Christian Persecution Complex
  23. Hopeless but not serious: Pokémon gets political
  24. Jadaliyya: Palestine in Scare Quotes: From the NYT Grammar Book
  25. Jadaliyya: The Marriage of Sexism and Islamophobia; Re-Making the News on Egypt
  26. Jeremy Scahill: DoD Investigating Nine Cases of “Terrorism-Related Acts” by US Military and Contractors?
  27. Muhammad Cohen: Overheard at Ali’s Diner on Arab Street
  28. Naked Capitalism: On the Invention of Money
  29. Occupy | Decolonize | Liberate: Flathead: Occupy Thomas Friedman
  30. Pandaemonium: Rethinking the Idea of “Christian Europe”
  31. Peter Frase: Anti-Star Trek: A Theory of Posterity
  32. PH2.1: Polarization?
  33. Platykurtosity: The Economics of Sex, Revisited
  34. Progressive Geographies: The Killings of Troy Davis
  35. RantAWeek: Here Comes Monti’s Army
  36. Sagartron: Psychotropic drugs anyone?
  37. Scholar as Citizen: Who’s Really Behind Recent Republican Legislation in Wisconsin and Elsewhere? (Hint: It Didn’t Start Here)
  38. Shunya’s Notes: Decolonizing My Mind
  39. Tang Dynasty Times: The Persian Prince Pirooz
  40. The Awl: The Livestream Ended: How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland
  41. The Buck Stops Here: Charter Schools and Averages
  42. The Monkey Cage: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…. Technocratic Government!
  43. The Philosopher’s Beard: Democracy is not a truth machine
  44. The Primate Diaries: Freedom to Riot: On the Evolution of Collective Violence
  45. The Sociological Eye: The Inflation of Bullying: From Fagging to Cyber-effervescent Scapegoating
  46. Thought News: Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Creativity
  47. TripleCrisis: Paradigms Lost? Cowboys and Indians in the Battle over Economic Ideas
  48. U.S. Intellectual History: Going beyond the “Racial Protocol”
  49. U.S. Intellectual History: Great Books Liberalism
  50. U.S. Intellectual History: Leo Strauss, Common Sense, and American Conservatism 
  51. U.S. Intellectual History: War and the “We”
  52. U.S. Intellectual History: “When the Zulus Produce a Tolstoy We Will Read Him”: Charles Taylor and the Politics of Recognition
  53. Voteview Blog: S.& P. Downgrade and the Polarization of the American Political System
  54. Voteview Blog: The Ideological Makeup of the “Super Committee”
  55. Vox Mentis: Democracy vs Republic – Essential differences & Speculations on Future Politics of the world
  56. Zunguzungu: “The Grass Is Closed”: What I Have Learned About Power from the Police, Chancellor Birgeneau, and Occupy Cal