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Update 11/9/11: We have reached our goal! Thanks to all our supporters and loyal readers!

Update 11/7/11: Sorry that the ChipIn widget for our fundraiser was not working properly for several days. We have already raised more than 85% of our goal. PLEASE HELP US NOW. Most of my own money is spent buying books for our miracle cat Freddy who has a voracious appetite for them (and is the real brains behind 3QD) as you can see below. 🙂

Update 10/13/11: New posts will always appear below this one for now, by the way.

Dear Readers, Writers, and Friends of 3 Quarks Daily,

FredericaI am writing to you today to announce our Fundraising Drive. We plan to keep doing what we already do well—linking you to the most interesting philosophy, science, culture, and politics on the net. But we want to give the 3 Quarks Daily website a new look and improve the site as a whole, to make your reading experience that much more fulfilling.

You may not realize this, but the immense amount of time and effort that has kept 3 Quarks Daily going every day, without fail, for more than seven years is done entirely on a volunteer basis. In the past, funds for technical improvements and maintenance have come out of our own pockets. We know you have been hit hard by the global economic problems. We have too. But we also know how much 3 Quarks Daily means to you. We can see it in the readership and in the community of commenters. To be blunt, it is simply not possible for us to keep running the site on our own personal funds. We have started to reach out for regular funding for 3QD through institutional grants. But that will take time, and meanwhile we need funds to keep going!

If you value what we do, please help us raise $25,000. Consider that going to the movies for an evening for two people costs $30-$45 (depending on the size of popcorn you like to get–I admit I am a Super-Combo man myself!). What is it worth to you to keep 3QD running? Do you check the site regularly? Do you take comfort in our daily toil to separate the internet wheat from the internet chaff? Please help us NOW by donating whatever you can, and please spread the word to others. Use the ChipIn widget below or near the top of the right-hand column. It's easy. It's fast. And it'll be much appreciated.

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