The Nominees for the 2011 3QD Prize in Philosophy Are:

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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Subjective Consciousness: A Unique Perspective
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: What do we deserve?
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: Why should we care about Kant?
  4. A Collection of Selves: Radical Feminized Thoughts
  5. Brains: Has Molyneux’s Question Been Answered?
  6. Camels with Hammers: Goodness Is A Factual Matter
  7. Common Sense Atheism: The Goal of Philosophy Should Be to Kill Itself
  8. Deontologistics: On Ereignis
  9. Evolving Thoughts: More on phenomena
  10. Fledgling Philosophy: Potential and Possession: a Common Conflation
  11. Footnotes on Epicycles: A paradox arises over beer
  12. Gavagai!: There ain’t nothin’ about Mary
  13. In Search of Enlightenment: Bentham, Sacred Values, and Ideal Theory
  14. Narziss & Nietzsche: Nietzsche on Agency and the Will
  15. Old Translations: Epistemic Trust and Understanding in a Model of Scientific Knowledge
  16. PEA Soup: Edward Slingerland’s “The Situationist Critique and Early Confucian Virtue Ethics” with commentary by Rachana Kamtekar
  17. PEA Soup: Scanlon on Blame, Part 3: Criminal Blame and Meaning
  18. PEA Soup: Williams, Thick Concepts, and Reasons
  19. Philosophy Bro: David K. Lewis’ “On The Plurality of Worlds”: A Summary
  20. Philosophy, et cetera: The Puzzle of the Self-Torturer
  21. Philotropes: Singer’s problem for heroes
  22. Rust Belt Philosophy: Spoken like a man who’s never been poor
  23. Sola Ratione: William L. Craig’s knockdown argument
  24. Specter of Reason: Merry Christmas, or, Ryle’s Idiotic Idea
  25. Sprachlogik: Sketch of a Way of Thinking about Modality
  26. The Consternation of Philosophy: Disgust, Magical Thinking, and Morality
  27. The Constructive Curmudgeon: The Empathy Machine: An Unfinished Essay
  28. The Ends of Thought: X-Phi, True Selves, and what Philosophy is Actually About: Knobe Again
  29. The Kindly Ones: Demarcation’s revisited demise
  30. The Philosopher’s Beard: Morality vs Ethics: The Trolley Problem
  31. The Philosopher’s Magazine: No life is good
  32. The Philosophy of Poetry: The Glimpse of Recognition
  33. The Wise Sloth: An old man from Jersey explains: philosophy
  34. Tomkow: Self Defense
  35. Tomkow: Trolley Problems
  36. Vihvelin: Two Objections to the Possibility of Time Travel
  37. Yeah, OK, But Still: Art, Ethics and Christmas