Growing Up in a Hurry


It took a few weeks for Annette Vukosa to finally break it to her elder son, Austin, that his father would not be coming home, and for a long time after that, the two spoke only sparingly about him. Finally, a few months after Sept. 11, Austin, all of 7, went up to his mother in their apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn, and announced: “I have a plan.” “We can be together with Daddy when we die,” he said. “If we cut our wrists, we’ll die and we’ll all be with Daddy again.” How Austin grew from being a bereft little boy to a hyperambitious beanpole of a 16-year-old is a story of stand-ins and mentors, therapy and special camps, and a universal desire by everyone close to him to ensure that Sept. 11 would neither destroy nor define his life. Most of all, it is a story of a child who grew up fast and focused, picking himself up, realizing early on that the boy truly is the father to the man.

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