O’Keeffe and Stieglitz


At the beginning of their correspondence, in 1915, she addressed him as Mr. Stieglitz. He called her Miss O’Keeffe. Within a few years, he was Dearest Duck and she was Fluffy.. By 1933, when the first volume of their letters ends, much more than appellations had changed. Photographer Alfred Stieglitz and painter Georgia O’Keeffe had evolved from acquaintances to lovers and then from marital partners to distant combatants struggling to maintain a passionate relationship despite his infidelities and her quest for independence. Much has been written about Stieglitz and O’Keeffe — his pioneering modern art galleries and photographic work, her paintings of enormous flowers and Southwestern landscapes, their epic love affair. But “My Faraway One” is not just one more big book about the couple. It’s a substantial sampling of a huge trove of correspondence that was sealed until 2006, 20 years after O’Keeffe’s death, and the first annotated selection of those letters to appear in print.

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