H M Naqvi wins first $50,000 DSC Literature Prize for South Asia at the Jaipur Literature Festival

From the Hindustan Times:

ScreenHunter_05 Jan. 23 12.19 DSC Director Manhad Narula, the brain behind the award, said that he hoped it would have an impact of the scene of literature in South Asia as this was the first such prize honouring work on this subject.

“Some literature prizes tend to give more importance to the author rather than to his or her work. But I hope through this award we are able to ensure what matters is what the author is writing about,” he said.

He said that one of the measures that would go a long away in ensuring credibility to the award is the fact that it honours work on the subject of South Asia, be it by any author of any nationality.

“Its about time South Asians have our own damn award,” said an elated Naqvi.

Asked if he had to say something to his critics, the 36-year-old author said, “Mercifully in the US, in India as well as in Pakistan, my critics have been few. But all criticisms of Home Boy are valued. It is a debut novel and it has all the strengths and weaknesses of a debut novel.”

The winner was decided judged by a jury chaired by Nilanjana S Roy, along with Lord Mathew Evans, Ian Jack, Amitava Kumar and Moni Mohsin.

Awarded for the best work of fiction pertaining to the South Asian region, the prize is given to works published in English, and includes translations in English with a share of the award money also going to the translator.

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