Glenn Greenwald’s Donation Drive

Greenwald_art Glenn Greenwald, the winner of our first prize in politics, is an invaluable presence in the blogosphere (IMHO, as they say). He is holding a donation drive. If you find his voice and views valuable in this public e-sphere, consider donating:

Most journalistic enterprises, especially ones online, struggle to find a model for sustaining themselves. Relying on reader support is becoming increasingly common, and I consider that a very healthy development. It means that those reporting, commenting and otherwise working on political matters, but who want to do so outside of a large corporation or DC think tank or advocacy group, can compete on something approaching an equal footing. It also means that one can work full-time on journalism, analysis and activism without any concern for accommodating the interests of corporate employers and advertisers, and without having to devote time and energy to unproductive work in order to earn a living. In sum, reader support is both crucial and a healthy model for doing this work.

From the start of my working on political issues, readership involvement in general has been central to the work I've been able to do. Having an engaged, vibrant readership has provided important value to everything that is done here: it adds substantially to my knowledge base, checks flaws and errors, and amplifies the work and strengthens its ability to have an impact in numerous ways. I realize that not everyone is able to participate in this fund-raiser — it is entirely optional, for those who can and choose to donate — but I do truly appreciate all forms of reader involvement here.