Groggy Pearls of Wiseness

Me The first of these spontaneously popped into my mind as I regained consciousness after some recent shoulder surgery. As the effects of anaesthesia wore off and before the pain became a roar which drowned out every other thought, I made up the rest in the ultimately futile attempt at distracting myself:

  1. Send not to know why the bell is ringing. Curiosity has killed many a “cat,” and you could be next.
  2. The biggest philosophical problem is suicide, thought Camus. He died young in a traffic accident and as far as I know, no one thinks that that is a philosophical problem.
  3. Time is money, which cannot buy happiness, which is why the leisurely and rich are always so sad.
  4. I am told, and I have no reason to doubt it, that it is better to have a bird in one's hand than not to.
  5. If you don't really believe in God and then say, “God does not play dice,” it is a bit like saying, “Unicorns don't speak French,” isn't it?
  6. I firmly believe it is better to say “never” late than never ever to say it.
  7. “A picture is worth a thousand words” is an easy way to remember that a trillion pictures are worth a quadrillion words.
  8. Who let the cats out of the bags? Who? Who, who?
  9. If you have a terminal illness then consider Einstein's profound words to the effect that the Lord is subtle but not malicious. Try to imagine what you'd have if the Lord were malicious. Hopefully you will feel better.