The Nominees for the 2010 3QD Prize in Philosophy Are:

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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: Raising Neanderthals: Metaphysics at the Limits of Science
  2. Blog of Noah Greenstein: The Field Theory of Natural Selection
  3. Brian Leiter’s Nietzsche Blog: Katsafanas on “Nietzsche’s Philosophical Psychology”
  4. Entia et Nomina: A Rant about “Deductive”
  5. Experimental Philosophy: Further Experimental Work on the Bank Cases
  6. Experimental Philosophy: Is the Armchair Sexist?
  7. Flickers of Freedom: Can There be Partial (as opposed to impartial) Desert?
  8. Flickers of Freedom: Does Consciousness Matter?
  9. Guardian Science Blog: Is quantum mechanics messing with your memory?
  10. In Living Color: Other People’s Icons
  11. In Search of Enlightenment: In Pursuit of the Play Dividend
  12. Justin Eric Halldor Smith: More on Non-Western Philosophy (the Very Idea)
  13. Minds and Brains: The Myth of Sensory Immediacy – Why Berkeley Was Wrong
  14. Old Translations: Complexity and the Substantial Form: Leibniz’s Theories of Matter and Their Implications for Modern Biology
  15. P.A.P.-Blog: Why and How Do We Separate State and Church? And What Are the Consequences for Religious Liberty?
  16. PEA Soup: Am I a Consequentialist?
  17. Philosophy, et cetera: Can Death Harm Non-Persons?
  18. Philosophy Sucks!: Pain Asymbolia and A Priori Defeasibility
  19. Philotropes: Do folks think that consciousness matters for moral responsibility?
  20. Playtonic Dialogues: Musicians Debate Methods Of Political Dissent
  21. Siris: On Myers on Baber
  22. Specter of Reason: Ryle On Rules And Creativity
  23. Strange Doctrines: Getting Really “Hard Nosed” about Real Realism
  24. Talking Philosophy: Skeptic “Ataraxia”
  25. The Evangelical Libertarian Philosopher: The Lockean Proviso and Federally Managed Lands
  26. The Immanent Frame: Circling the Line
  27. The Immanent Frame: Secularism, atheism, antihumanism
  28. The Lure: A lotta Hart, but is there a “there” there?
  29. The Philosophy of Poetry: The Leap
  30. The View from Hell: The Patriarchy, the Gynocracy, and Other Comforting Myths of Struggle
  31. Tomkow: Retributive Ethics
  32. Tomkow: The Retributive Theory of Property
  33. TTahko: Counterfactuals and Modal Epistemology
  34. Underverse: We Just Live In It
  35. Vis Viva: On Handwaving
  36. Yeah, OK, But Still: Marriage

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