The Winners of the 3 Quarks Daily 2010 Prize in Science

TOP-Quark-2010 Strange final DawkinsCharmWinner

Richard Dawkins has picked the three winners:

  1. Top Quark, $1000: Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed digesting genes from ocean bacteria
  2. Strange Quark, $300: The Loom: Skullcaps and Genomes
  3. Charm Quark, $200: My Growing Passion: The Evolution of Chloroplasts

Congratulations to the winners (I will send the prize money later today–and remember, you must claim the money within one month from today–just send me an email). And feel free to leave your acceptance speech as a comment here! And thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks also, of course, to Richard Dawkins for doing the final judging.

The three prize logos at the top of this post were designed, respectively, by Carla Goller, Sughra Raza, and me. I hope the winners will display them with pride on their own blogs!

Details about how the 3QD science prizes work, here.