Silly Bandz revealed!

ID_PS_WILSO_SILLY_AP_002 THE SMART SET: Do you think Silly Bandz will still be popular when school starts again next fall?

SANDER: Yes. I think there will be new kinds. Like maybe an ocean abyss pack, with goblins, sharks, giant squid. That would be cool. Maybe a daily life pack, with like a lunch box, and a shirt, and a person, and a newspaper. There might be a bird pack, with different kinds of birds. A backyard pack, with maybe a ball, and a tree, and rake, maybe. Maybe a person pack. Who knows?
WES: I think the same as Sander. Maybe there will be a new nature pack, with like leaves, nature, squirrels, and birds and stuff.

THE SMART SET: Do you think Silly Bandz will be popular for a long time? How long, do you think?

SANDER: Yeah. They are just so popular now and everyone has them. I think they'll still be popular for a few more years, until another company gets big ideas for other stuff to trade.
WES: Yes, because I'm going to really like them next year, so I think they'll definitely still be popular.

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