Caught Between Opium and Lithium

Ruchira Paul in Accidental Blogger:

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 24 14.33 The current and future problems of the beleaguered nation of Afghanistan may go well beyond war, the Taliban, Al Quaida, US occupation, poverty and heroin trafficking. The land locked nation of rough and rugged terrain is apparently the repository of vast mineral wealth, including large quantities of lithium, an essential component of many electronic gadgets. But like an uninformed (and unstable) nouveau riche individual, a poor, backward, politically fractious, war torn country may find its sudden wealth to be a burdensom and even a lethal liability. Prosperity is as much about managing one's assets as it is about owning them. The savvy rich get richer when blessed with goodies and the poor often become bewildered, murderous and vulnerable when in possession of sudden new riches.

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