3QD Science Prize 2010 Finalists


Finalist-2010-science The editors of 3QD have made their decision. The twenty semifinalists have been winnowed down and wildcards added. Thanks to all the participants. (Details about the prize here.)

Once again, Carla Goller has provided a “trophy” logo that our finalists may choose to display on their own blogs. And if you like our site, please do add us to your blogroll and tell your friends.

So, here it is, the final list that I am sending to Richard Dawkins, who will select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners from these: (given here in alphabetical order by blog name)

  1. Cosmic Variance: Free Energy and the Meaning of Life
  2. My Growing Passion: The Evolution of Chloroplasts
  3. Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed digesting genes from ocean bacteria
  4. Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs
  5. Scientific Blogging: MSL: Mars Action Hero
  6. The Loom: Skullcaps and Genomes
  7. The Primate Diaries: Chimpanzees Prefer Fair Play to Reaping an Unjust Reward
  8. The Thoughtful Animal: Does oral sex confer an evolutionary advantage? Evidence from bats
  9. University of Oxford Science Blog: Oxford and the Royal Society's Origins

We'll announce the three winners on June 21, 2010.

Good luck!


P.S. The editors of 3QD will not be making any comments on our deliberations, or the process by which we made our decision, other than to simply say that we picked what we thought were the best six posts out of the semifinalists, and added up to three others that we also liked.