Philosophy question? There’s an app for that

From the Amherst College website:

ScreenHunter_01 May. 25 17.27 The world’s leading online resource for questions about the meaning of life, ethics and other existential matters has now launched an app for mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones., which was founded in 2005 by Alexander George, a philosophy professor at Amherst College, will now broaden its reach to include those who are pondering the big questions without easy access to a PC. (The app’s development was covered recently by the New York Times’ Arts Beat blog and the AppsScout website.)

“People don’t stop thinking when they leave their computer terminals,” George says. “When philosophical questions occur to people away from their desks or computer screens they’ll now have the opportunity through their mobile devices to see quickly whether other people have already asked that question and whether it’s received interesting responses.”’s simple mission – to deploy a virtual team of professional philosophers to tackle the questions that have been vexing mankind for generations – has yielded more than 3,000 responses, archived on the website and arranged according to categories that include ethics, love and rationality.

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