From Eternity to Here: The Book Club

Seancover500 Sean Carroll is hosting a book club on his new book, From Eternity to Here, over at Cosmic Variance. Sean:

I want to give some behind-the-scenes insight about what was going through my mind when I put each chapter together — a little exclusive for readers of the blog. Of course, in the comments I hope we can discuss the substance of the chapters in as much detail as we like. I’m going to try to participate actively in all the discussions, so I hope to answer questions when I can — and certainly expect to learn something myself along the way.

The book is divided into four parts: an overview, spacetime and relativity, entropy and the Second Law, and a discussion of how it all fits into cosmology. You can find a more detailed table of contents here, and here is the prologue to get you in the mood. Part Three is definitely the high point of the book, so be sure to stick around for that.

So see you next Tuesday! Get reading!

Part One: Overview

* January 19: Chapter One (What is time?)

* January 26: Chapter Two (Entropy and the Second Law)

* February 2: Chapter Three (The expanding universe)