Dork: The Adventures Of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese

From Spicezee Bureau:

Robin-Varghese ‘Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese’ by Sidin Vadukut is nothing less than delightful. The incredible adventures of the protagonist – Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is sure to keep you in splits.

A stupendously naïve but academically gifted young man, Robin graduates from one of India’s best business schools with a Day-Zero job at the Mumbai office of Dufresne Partners, a mediocre mid-market management consulting firm largely run by complete morons.

Through a stunning series of blunders, mishaps and inadvertent errors, Robin begins to make his superiors rue the day they were driven by desperation into hiring him. To make matters worse, Robin realises that his mad, passionate, one-sided relationship with batchmate Gouri Kalbag might be over before it even started. Robin Varghese With things going spectacularly wrong, will he manage to achieve his short-term goal of being promoted to Associate in under a year, and beat the record set by Boris Nguyen at Dufresne’s Vietnam office?

Published by Penguin, the book is the hilarious story of Robin, super-dork and unlikely corporate hero, for all of those who’ve ever sat depressed in cubicles and wanted to kill themselves with office stationery.

[Okay, so I modified the actual cover of the bookshown here in the 2nd picturejust a little! I think it looks better with Robin's real face on it. No?]