Cliff Landis, Librarian

From the Partners In Health website:

Cliff Landis is a librarian in Valdosta, Georgia who, until last week, was planning on a post-holiday replenish of his savings account. However, upon hearing about the suffering the earthquake has wrought, he decided to further deplete his own savings in favor of contributing to PIH’s relief efforts in Haiti.

But Cliff didn’t stop there. He also encouraged friends, family, and readers of his blog to give, promising them he would match every gift up to $10,000. Watch a video of what happened next:

Support from Cliff and his readers will enable us to continue our work to help Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake, including transporting desperately needed food, fuel, and medical supplies to our surgical teams treating patients around the clock. Thank you, Cliff, and thank you to all your supporters, and to all our partners in health.

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