The Nominees for the 2009 3QD Prize in Politics Are:

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  1. 3 Quarks Daily: America, the Cold War, and the Taliban
  2. 3 Quarks Daily: Embers from my Neighbor’s House
  3. 3 Quarks Daily: Is Obama About To Become Just Another War Criminal?
  4. 3 Quarks Daily: May our Gods be angry: Celestial politics in Bas Congo
  5. 3 Quarks Daily: Obama’s Address to the State of Non-belief
  6. 3 Quarks Daily: On Freeze and Dismantling Between Cairo and Bar Ilan Universities
  7. 3 Quarks Daily: Under the sealed sky: Drones
  8. 3 Quarks Daily: Who ended the 6-month ceasefire in Israel/Palestine?
  9. Black Agenda Report: Liar, Liar!! Barack Obama’s Secretary of War
  10. Black Agenda Report: The Great Black Hajj of 2009
  11. Chapati Mystery: Will Pakistan Become a Theocracy? III
  12. Club Troppo: Is it Still Foolish to Hope?
  13. Cochin Blogger:  The 26/11 Mumbai Attack: How I Lost and Recovered My Liberalism
  14. Corrente: How will the White House make amends for censoring single payer in its Iowa health care forum “live blog” transcript?
  15. East Asia Forum: Sex, race and religion still political weapons in Malaysian politics
  16. Elizabitchez: Middle class values don’t solve poverty
  17. ePluribus Media: An Aussie Visiting America
  18. Glenn Greenwald: Greg Craig and Obama’s worsening civil liberties record
  19. Glenn Greenwald: Phil Carter’s resignation from key detainee policy post
  20. Glenn Greenwald: The commendably missing element from Obama’s speech
  21. I Hate What You Just Said: Thomas Paine, Teabagger
  22. Justin E. H. Smith: Birobidzhan!
  23. Justin E. H. Smith: On Criticizing Israel
  24. Lenin’s Tomb: “Race Mixing Is Communism”; or, race is class
  25. Lenin’s Tomb: Rwanda, the RPF, and the myth of non-intervention
  26. MF Blog: Is the Obama administration still worth defending?
  27. Montclair Socioblog: Torture and Masculinity – Anxiety on the Right
  28. News From the Zona: Republican Virtue and Equality
  29. Once Upon A Time: Tribalism and the Destructive Politics of Demonization (I): The Largely Unrecognized Possibility for a New Coalition
  30. PH2.1: Zero Global Zero
  31. Stump Lane: What Is Torture For?
  32. Talking Points Memo: A Second Stimulus is Good Politics
  33. The Cedar Lounge Revolution: The market and high incomes
  34. The Frump Gazette: Post Election-Loss Disorder On the Rise
  35. The Last Laugh: The Basement Church of The Perpetual Loons
  36. The Other Journal: The Evil Eye Controls Something Which Is Counted
  37. The South Asian Idea Weblog: Iran and the Dilemma of Democracy
  38. The South Asian Idea Weblog: Jaswant Singh: The Road to Partition
  39. The South Asian Idea Weblog: Jinnah, Nehru, and the Ironies of History
  40. The South Asian Idea Weblog: September Eleven
  41. Tom Paine’s Ghost: Should scientists speak their minds?
  42. Tremble the Devil: How the war on drugs is a war on class
  43. Unqualified Reservations: A gentle introduction to Unqualified Reservations (part 9d)
  44. Vagabond Scholar: Torture Versus Freedom
  45. William K. Wolfrum Chronicles: I’m heterosexual – and, wow, do I have a lot of rights
  46. Wisdom of the West: Blunderbuss

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