Ashura: Fierce Street Protests in Tehran

Six months after the fraudulent elections, the despicable regime is still unable to quell the Irani people's demand for freedom. I am convinced that the days of this brutal government are numbered. This is from CNN:

ScreenHunter_06 Dec. 27 10.27 Fresh clashes broke out between demonstrators and security forces in Tehran on Sunday as large crowds gathered for the climax of the holy period of Ashura.

Since the disputed presidential elections in June, protesters have turned public gatherings into rallies against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was declared the overwhelming winner of the race.

Police, wary of the potential that Ashura gatherings could present, were out in full force Sunday to quell disruptions while demonstrators planned widespread protests.

Near Imam Hussein Square in central Tehran, security forces used tear gas to disperse demonstrators and blocked roads to prevent more from arriving, a witness said.

Protesters seized a motorcycle belonging to a security force member and set it on fire.

The unrest follows day-long clashes between the two sides in the streets of Tehran on Saturday.

On Saturday evening, a pro-government mob barged into a mosque where former president and reformist leader Mohammad Khatami was speaking.

The dozens-strong group forced Khatami to end his remarks abruptly when it interrupted the gathering at Jamaran mosque.

Earlier Saturday, scores of security forces on motorcycles charged protesters on sidewalks whenever they started chanting anti-government slogans, witnesses said.

Baton-wielding security forces bashed and bloodied at least three protesters, arrested at least two people, and smashed the window of at least one car, eyewitnesses said.

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