Another blogging contest, at Tom Paine’s Ghost

Kris Hite of Tom Paine's Ghost has asked me to announce his blogging contest:

Baptisery TPG2 009 A $100 cash prize will be awarded for the most aesthetically powerful multi-media blog post.

Post content is limited only by the bounds of imagination. Keep in mind Tom Paine's Ghost was founded amidst a battle to defend freedom of the press and we hope to echo that theme throughout our pages.

Submissions will be selected and judged on the basis of four criteria:

1. Clarity
2. Originality
3. Integration (at least three forms of media must be utilized, images, text, movies, audio, etc.)
4. Power (the post's ability to motivate readers to action).

Submissions will be accepted until the summer solstice – June 21st, 2010. Submit entries by email to

See more information here.